Who are these deliverators? | Delivery Ninja

Who are these deliverators?

Delivery Ninja is a fresh, new enterprise located in marvellous Melbourne (Australia), as well as the gorgeous Garden Route (South Africa).

For many years we have been doing clever things with maps that make lives easier and businesses more profitable. Delivery Ninja is the culmination of decades of joined web mapping experience realised in a single online app.

Rik de Boer graduated with BSc and MSc degrees in Electrical Engineering from Twente University, The Netherlands.

Working first as a software engineer in London and Tokyo, he emigrated to Australia, now calling Melbourne home, but travelling as much as he can.

The software he wrote for Magento and Drupal is in use today on tens of thousands of web sites across the world.

As a software entrepreneur Rik runs flink, with technical director roles in the startups fris and RegionBound.

As co-founder of Delivery Ninja, the Master Deliverator has found the perfect home to combine his technical skills with his passion for maps. He loves channeling the zeitgeist into web applications that make jobs and lives easier, but above all, more fun.

Co-founder Paul Jordaan heads up our South African office. He studied medicine in Johannesburg, but soon concluded that his analytical talents and skills as an entrepreneur were better applied in the areas of business and IT.

Over the course of his career Paul's has lead numerous IT projects to successful outcomes, culminating in his current role as co-founder of Delivery Ninja in 2016.

Always the ideas man, Paul’s artistic direction and marketing leadership have been and will be instrumental in guiding The Ninja to where it is today and beyond.