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Base-bundle features and extras
Feature Base
AUD 0.12
All-distance extra
AUD 0.12
Reporting extra
AUD 0.06
One credit is deducted from your balance for every delivery dispatched.
All other aspects of the software, inlcuding, tracking, routing and sending of SMS's are free.
Logo and company colours on in-store screen as well as customer mobile.
Option for drivers to self-assign when ready (self-dispatch).
Option for office staff to pre-assign (office-dispatch).
Data retention 45 minutes
Tracking data is automatically erased from maps and database, 45 minutes after the start of the delivery.
Perfect for hot food deliveries.
Data retention 24 hours
Tracking data is retained for 24 hours after the start of the delivery.
Perfect for long distance deliveries.
Full reporting on delivery credit consumption, with Excel export and charts. Driver performance reports.
No setup costs.
No SMS costs.
No monthly fees.

No setup costs.   No SMS costs.   No monthly fees.
  • Tick the options you need
  • Estimate how many deliveries you do per month.
  • Slide the handle to the desired number and enter your payment details.

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