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Take your brand promise straight to your customer with a store-to-door service. Your customer will be smiling as they open the door for you, as they can see you coming.

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Food & Drinks


Step 1

The Delivery Ninja will message your customer that their delivery is on its way.


Step 2

By tapping the link, customers can follow their delivery, from store to door, on a branded map.


Step 1: Dial

A customer order comes in via the phone or the Internet. The operator captures the customer’s name, street address and mobile number. The delivery dispatcher alerts the drivers that a new delivery is due by showing its delivery location on their maps.

Step 2: Dispatch

In store, drivers and customer locations are displayed on a single interactive map, so that the store can keep an eye on all orders and deliveries in progress. With a map in front of them, it is immediately clear which driver to dispatch to a customer location.

Step 3: Deliver

At the start of their delivery, the driver takes out their mobile phone to view a map marked with the customer's location. A single tap on the link sends the customer an SMS that their order is on its way.

Step 4: Digest

Your customer clicks the link in the SMS, which opens a map showing how close the driver is. Driver position and ETA are automatically updated as the delivery approaches.


dispatches and delivers quicker


attractive interactive maps at the office, on-the-road and in the customer’s hand


less time on the road and higher returns increase profitability


superior service over time equals customer loyalty


with your logo and company slogan advertised on the customer’s phone, your brand enjoys greater exposure